• 8 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

    8 Winter Home Maintenance Tips

    While the wind is whistling outside, there’s plenty to do in your home to keep it in tip-top shape! In Central Pennsylvania, the winters get cold and those heating bills can add up, so many of these tips can help you reduce heating costs or at least save you some money on future home repairs.

  • 12 Home Maintenance Resolutions

    12 Home Maintenance Resolutions

    2020 was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. We all spent a LOT of time at home, and 2021 is starting off with more of the same. If you’re like us, your new year’s resolutions are usually thrown out the window by January 4, but this year we have some tips that don’t involve cutting out the wine or the chips!

    These 12 Home Maintenance Resolutions will help you take care of the place that is currently your office, school, gym, remote doctor’s office, quarantine central, takeout headquarters, and more – HOME. Try to knock out one task per month and we promise your home will be in the best shape of its life!

    January – Shop for better homeowners’ insurance rates and discuss adding coverages for things like mechanicals, flooding, public water/sewer laterals, and whatever else your insurance agent might recommend. Did you know your basic homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover your furnace dying in the dead of winter or your basement flooding from all the melted snow? Now is the time to make sure you have the best coverages and the best rates for 2021!

    February – Replace HVAC and water filters because, let’s be honest, none of us remember to do it as often as we should. Hey, while you’re at it, go ahead and put those on Subscribe & Save auto ordering for the whole year!

    March – Clean off your roof, clean out the gutters, ensure there are no clogs in your downspouts and reattach those extenders! Ideally, water should flow at least 3 feet away from your foundation.

    April – Clean/repair outdoor living spaces to get ready for warm weather. Power wash patios, stain decks, schedule a reseal of your driveway, etc.

    May – Repair any water leaks that you may have discovered after all those April showers. Speaking of water, now is a great time to touch up caulking inside and outside your home.

    June – Paint touch-up time! Open the windows to help air out the fumes. If you have wood trim on the exterior of your home, be sure to scrape before painting.

    July – Clean out the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Run a wash cycle in your wash machine. YES! It’s a thing! We love Affresh tablets.

    August – Test and replace the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors. Make sure you have smoke detectors high on the wall, since smoke rises, and CO detectors low by the floor.

    September – Clean out your fireplace and chimney to prepare for those cozy fall and winter fires. If you haven’t ever had it done, we also highly recommend a professional inspection.

    October – Have all HVAC and gas appliances serviced.

    November – Weatherize all exterior plumbing. Frozen pipes can cause lots of damage!

    December – Ensure your electric panel box is in good safe condition before going crazy with lights and inflatables!

    Cheers to the new year and staying on top of those home maintenance projects!

  • 5 Tips for Sellers in a Hot Market

    As the weather heats up, so has the real estate market. Many industry professionals will claim they haven’t seen a market like this since pre-recession years.

  • Smart Talk on NPR and Housing Market

    What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, housing values plummeted, and homes were repossessed in unprecedented numbers because of the economic recession. Today, a new housing crisis has developed with home buyers shut out of the market because of low inventory and sky-high prices. NPR reports that new home construction nationwide is at its slowest pace since the 1980s.

  • Spring Cleaning Made Easy

    The weather is warming and the sun is finally (most days) shining, which means it’s time to think about your home’s spring maintenance needs. It’s also a good time to work on some larger projects now that there is more daylight and the threat of winter weather is behind us.

  • Termites are a Real {Estate} Problem

    Whether you’re buying, selling or a current home owner, knowing how to spot, prevent and treat termites is very important. All structures are susceptible to these wood destroyers but the most vulnerable are homes with wood to ground contact and buried siding.

  • Mortgage Mess-Ups to Avoid

    Applying for a mortgage and getting approved for your dream home is not easy task. It can be hard to sleep, worrying whether you got the right paperwork together, whether you’re working with the right lender and if your savings account is going to hold up under the strain of down payments and closing costs. But if you avoid these 6 mistakes, you’re sure to make the process a little less stressful.

  • Popular Interior Design Trends

    How do you feel about Matte Black finishes and kitchens with more color? Speaking of kitchens, would you be willing to scrap that big island for a more family -friendly dining table? Trough and bucket sinks are on the rise in bathrooms and vintage lighting is growing in popularity.

  • Experience is Invaluable

    Eighty percent (or more, depending on the age group) of shoppers research online before making a purchase and that usually includes home buyers as well. We can pull up a listing of homes for sale in a matter of seconds, so, in this modern day, everything-at-your-fingertips way of life, why do we still need Realtors?

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