I would like to take this opportunity again to thank our many friends and clients for making 2014 one of our best years ever.  We are off to a very good start and I am extremely optimistic about 2015 as well.


    This will likely be my last blog for 2014.  Once again, we have been very blessed with a quite profitable 2014 – – the best year that we have enjoyed since 2006.  I thought I would end the year just with some quick bullet points and a quick comment on each.


    I still read the newspaper every day.  A recent national survey indicated less than 13% of Americans still read the newspaper – – but I do.  It is the very best way to keep up on local news.

    While I am not a voracious reader by any stretch, I also read business and trade publications religiously.  Everything that I read lately, by all sorts of so called “experts”, is really just what I would refer to as a “mixed bag”.

  • John Paul II Medical Research Institute

    Lou Gehrig ’s disease (ALS) is a terrible, terrible disease.  The recent national effort to draw awareness and funding is to be lauded.

    The ALS Association, the organization behind the Ice Bucket Challenge, supports embryonic stem cell research.  While the Catholic Church supports stem cell research, it does not condone stem cell research which frequently involves embryos harvested from the death of an aborted fetus.  For me, and likely many others, this has presented a difficult moral dilemma.

  • Real Estate and Geography

    The Real Estate micro-market in which I primarily work, as does my office, is the Greater Carlisle Area.  This is basically the same area encompassed by the Greater Carlisle Chamber of Commerce and is recognized in the Bright Multiple Listing Service as Area 7.

  • First Time Buyer Alert

    In several of my previous blogs, I have noted that more and more young Americans are either moving back home or renting.  For the most part, I am addressing young adults 25 to 34 years in age.  Multi-generational households are also on the rise.

    Over the years, I have never encouraged our Buyer clients to be “house poor”.  I have always said that there is more to life than making house payments and no one should stretch themselves too thin – – although many choose to do that on their own!

  • Cumberland County Facts

    The Central Penn Business Journal is an absolute must read for business people and professionals.  In addition to its weekly newspaper-like publication, it releases several supplemental publications throughout the year.  What follows are facts reported in the Daulphin/Cumberland Business Report for 2014.

  • In Buck We Trust

    If you know me at all, you know that I am an avid Baltimore Orioles baseball fan.  Have been since I attended my first game in 1968.  I attend Spring training in Sarasota,  Florida, split an Oriole season ticket package, and pretty much plan my evening and weekends around the televised games.

  • Alphabet Soup

    There is no such thing as a “Licensed Realtor”.   I have mentioned this before but it is my pet peeve.

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issues two classifications of Real Estate Licenses.  They are Salesperson (the vast majority of practitioners) and Broker.

  • Carlisle Area Market Share

    With last week’s news that Warren Buffet has acquired the Prudential Home Sale Services Group, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at who is doing business in Carlisle and where are they really from?

    Buffett purchased the Prudential Home Sale Services Group which is currently headquartered in Lancaster and is the Mid-State’s largest residential Broker business.  The name will change in June to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and, I suppose, they will maintain a branch office on Walnut Bottom Road here in Carlisle.  After June, I suspect you would need to call Warren Buffet if you had a problem with their office or their agents.

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