Real Estate and Geography

The Real Estate micro-market in which I primarily work, as does my office, is the Greater Carlisle Area.  This is basically the same area encompassed by the Greater Carlisle Chamber of Commerce and is recognized in the Bright Multiple Listing Service as Area 7.

The Borough of Carlisle itself is the center of this market.  Carlisle is a Borough of about 19,000 folks and covers a land area of 5.4 square miles.  It is surrounded by five different municipalities – – North Middleton Township, South Middleton Township, Dickinson Township, Middlesex Township, and West Pennsboro Township.  These municipalities, in turn, represent four distinct public school systems – – Carlisle Area, South Middleton, Big Spring, and Cumberland Valley.

Carlisle is the County Seat for Cumberland County.  Cumberland County ranked first in the state last year (April 1, 2010 – July 1, 2013) in population growth and percentage of growth.  When looking at the County of Cumberland, it is interesting to note that about 70% of the land area is West of Route 114 and about 70% of the county’s population is East of Route 114.  The area East of 114 is traditionally referred to as the “West Shore” while the larger, but less populated, land mass West of 114 to the Franklin and Perry County line is typically referred to as “Carlisle”.

While I have done my very best to give back to the Carlisle Community over the past 32 years, I am also very fortunate that the Carlisle Community has supported me and supported my business.  Year to date, Wolfe and Company Realtors leads the Carlisle Area Market in Per Agent Production.  I, personally, lead the Carlisle Area Market in per Agent production.  These are statistics gained from Bright Multiple Listing Service Area 7 and do not include Brokers, Associate Brokers, or Salespersons who operate multi-agent “teams”.

Summer has quickly slipped by, but my prediction for the Fall and for the local real estate market remains colorful!  As always, for the most professional and experienced Real Estate service available in the Greater Carlisle Area, contact the independently and locally owned office of Wolfe & Company Realtors.

Ray “Buz” Wolfe, Jr.
Wolfe & Company Realtors

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