Seasonal Décor from Summer to Fall

The end of the summer can be a magical time, as the heat and lushness of August begins to fade into the crisp of cool evenings and the umber hues of nature. The changing of seasons often draws people to new décor and home projects. But what works best for this time of year?

We’ve compiled a list of the perfect summer-to-fall inspired to-dos for your home to encourage warm feelings and a cozy atmosphere.

  1. Invest in some fall planters.
    Fall is the perfect time to plant cool weather plants, whether you’re starting a fall garden or just flanking your doors with some red, yellow and orange blooms. And if you’re not excited about keeping plants alive through the coming months, try some dried foliage that will last all season.
  2. Create a more Neutral Palette
    Bring soft white hues into your home with a new rug or a fresh coat of paint. The neutral tones will be a great backdrop for pops of fall colors that can easily be changed when you’re ready to transition to the next season.
  3. Build a Firepit Area
    What’s better than a warm glowing fire to create outdoor enjoyment for the whole family? Even when temperatures start to drop, you’ll stay cozy as you roast marshmallows and spend time with your loved ones. Add some chairs and lighting and you’ll have a spot to hang out all year long!
  4. Become an Artist
    With simple art projects like pressing leaves, drying flowers or nature photography, you can create beautiful pieces that hold special meaning to you. Use the cooler temps to take a nature walk and see what you can find to bring the outdoors, in! A quick frame and you’ve just created some fall inspired artwork.
  5. Swap Out Towels
    Remember those neutral tones we talked about? Find some warm fall-colored towels for your kitchen and bathroom and swap them out for your current ones. Small changes like this throughout your home can spice up even the most boring of corners.
  6. Find a New Wreath
    Speaking of small changes, find a beautiful new wreath for your front door, entryway, or mudroom. One hook and 5 minutes later, you’ll feel autumn in the air!
  7. Add Some Plaid
    Plaid seems to be the pattern of the fall season and can cozy up your space. Find items like throws, decorative pillows and area rugs with some buffalo check or madras plaid and your home will have a whole new feel.
  8. Soften Your Lighting
    Flickering candles are the perfect accent for quiet fall evenings. If you don’t love the idea of lighting real candles, there are many battery-operated tea lights that flicker just like the real thing!
  9. Layer On the Accents
    Fall is all about warming up as the temps cool down. To make it easier, having soft, comfy textures to snuggle readily available with not only make your home inviting, but make it easy to relax. Mix in faux fur blankets with leather furniture and flannel pillows to complete the experience.
  10. Incorporate Wood
    Stack some wood near your fireplace, use some dried branches in vases or even spring for a new raw edge wooden end table. Mixing these elements with your neutrals will elevate the seasonal feel.

We hope you’ll find some tips and ideas that will help you create a cozy home, no matter where you live! And as always, if you’re looking for the right locally owned real estate company to support you in buying or selling real estate, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to reach out.