Spruce up Your Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that when you decide you want to list your home for sale, that your real estate agent will give you some suggestions to ready your home for the best possible offers. To do this, we often recommend going neutral with wall colors, window coverings and even the furniture you stage your home with. We’ll suggest you put away valuables, sentimental “clutter” and even family photos for your safety as well as creating a blank slate that allows the buyer to “see themselves” living in your home.

What you don’t want to neglect while you complete this task is your outdoor spaces as well, especially overgrown shrubbery, bushes and trees.

In order to get top dollar for your home, you don’t necessarily want the buyer to feel like they are inheriting years of neglected yard work. Here are some tips to make your curb appeal, well, more appealing and make your landscape feel inviting and easy to manage…

1. Keep your grass mowed, especially if you’re selling in the spring and summer.
2. Clear out yard waste you may have been storing on your property.
3. Weed and mulch flower beds.
4. Trim around walkways, driveways and patios so vegetation doesn’t invade the walking spaces.
5. Look at your shrubbery, trees and bushes from an outsider’s perspective. You should trim back or cut down any if they are blocking windows, doors, sightlines to pretty views or any other area of your home that could be more aesthetically pleasing.
6. Clean or pressure wash decks, porches and patios, especially from moss or fungus that has grown over the winter.
7. Freshen up stone and paver pathways.
8. Remove dead or dying trees and large shrubs, especially if they are close to the house.
9. Make sure your gutters are clear of spring debris so they aren’t overflowing during your showings.

While it may seem daunting to tackle all of these tasks for a home you won’t be living in soon, just tidying up the landscape even a little bit can bring in more buyers that will hopefully place offers that you’re looking to accept.

If you’re unsure if a certain part of your property would be worth the effort, reach out and speak with one of the experienced real estate agents here at Wolfe & Company. We’re happy to support you through the selling and buying process!