Pine Grove Furnace State Park & Michaux State Forest

Pine Grove Furnace State Park and the Michaux State Forest offer something for everyone within a short drive from all points in Central Pennsylvania. Laurel Lake and Fuller Lake provide beach access, swimming, boating and fishing. The Appalachian Trail, whose midpoint and new museum are found in the area, winds throughout the Park and Forest. Numerous other trails and natural points of interest are found throughout the area, as well. The Mountain Creek, and various smaller “runs”, provide year round fishing opportunities for the fly and trout enthusiast.

Some 300 + recreational cabins are situated in “Pine Grove” and are periodically available for sale on the open market. The cabins are owned privately, but are situation on land sites that are leased from the Commonwealth of PA. The cabins tend to be in great demand and typically sell in a range of $70,000 to nearly $200,000 depending upon location and amenities such as well/water, septic, and size. Many of the cabins are traditional chestnut log cabins, although other styles and structures can also be found throughout the Park and Forest.

While year round living is not permitted, many of the cabins can be used on a recreational basis throughout the year and all are used at least seasonally. Wolfe & Company Realtors is the leading provider of recreational cabin sales within the Pine Grove Furnace State Park and Michaux State Forest.

State Forest Leased Campsites

DCNR Bureau of Forestry maintains more than 4,000 leased campsites across Pennsylvania. A State Forest Leased Campsite is a small parcel of state forest land (approximately 1/4 acre) that is leased to an individual or to a group of individuals to maintain a cabin solely for recreational purposes.

DCNR stopped leasing campsites in 1970, but existing leases are still utilized by the public.

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