Experience is Invaluable

Eighty percent (or more, depending on the age group) of shoppers research online before making a purchase and that usually includes home buyers as well. We can pull up a listing of homes for sale in a matter of seconds, so, in this modern day, everything-at-your-fingertips way of life, why do we still need Realtors?

There are many reasons to still use a human for services like buying or selling a home, but one of the most valuable is the experience a Realtor brings to the table. They can tell you if they feel the price is right for the condition of the home, they know what local home buyers are looking for and if you need to upgrade or not worry about that worn rug or tired tile. They’ll give you moral and emotional support in a time that can truly test your patience.  They have contacts to call if you need repairs or inspections and they can listen to your needs and make suggestions just outside your comfort zone.

Realtors like Wolfe & Company have been working the same area for years and know the details of neighborhoods, school districts, shopping and more, that just can’t be communicated on a home for sale ad. The best realtors will use technology to bring even better customer service to their clients and to communicate more easily; but technology won’t be replacing Realtors any time soon.