Termites are a Real {Estate} Problem

Whether you’re buying, selling or a current home owner, knowing how to spot, prevent and treat termites is very important. All structures are susceptible to these wood destroyers but the most vulnerable are homes with wood to ground contact and buried siding.

This time of year, you can look for swarmers, which will look similar to ants with wings. If you see these, you definitely need to call in a professional immediately. Another sign is mud tubes in wooden structures or actual damage to the wood itself.

The most important thing you can do is have your home inspected by a professional and then treated by a professional if you do have a termite problem. Termite eradication is definitely not a DIY project.

Article was adapted from: https://www.parealtor.org/justlisted/termites-how-to-recognize-prevent-and-fix-the-problem/