Tackle These 5 Home Tasks in June

Good weather and longer days make June the perfect month to think about these homeowner maintenance needs. They’re tasks that need to get done anyway, so use this as your reminder to get at it!

  1. Update Outdoor Lighting

Outside lighting makes for great ambiance, but it’s also often necessary for safety reasons. You don’t want to trip on a porch step and spend your summer with an injury! You’ll also thank yourself later when the darkness slowly creeps earlier and earlier. Solar, of course is the most energy efficient way to go, but remember that lack of sunlight during the day means lack of solar light at night. You could try for long- lasting LED electric bulbs and keep the light on, no matter the weather.

  1. Clean your Home’s Siding

Preventative maintenance can help keep your siding in good condition for 50 years. Instead of just a quick pressure wash, try washing with a soft cloth or soft-bristle brush. Be sure to rinse before drying and start from the bottom and work your way up. A little elbow grease will go a long way with this home project.

  1. Focus on Your Foundation

A tiny fracture now can cause things to really crumble down the road. Use this time to inspect for crumbling mortar, cracks in stucco or persistently damp spots, especially under the faucets. If you see anything worrisome, call a pro and get it fixed immediately.

  1. Seal Your Driveway Asphalt

Since the temperature needs to be above 50 degrees for sealer to stick, June is a great time to spruce up the driveway. It certainly takes a beating all year long between cars, bikes, varying weather, sunlight and foot traffic. This easy job will create great curb appeal for some immediate homeowner satisfaction!

  1. Purchase New Tools

This might seem like an odd “do-it-this-month” task, but with Father’s Day in June, tools are often on-sale. It’s also a great time to score tools from a yard or estate sale. And you know, you’ll be in the middle of a project this summer and really wish you had the right equipment handy to get the job done. Now is your chance to get ready with that new saw, drill or workbench you’ve been wanting!

Article adapted from: www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/clean-siding-on-house