Spring Homeowner Tips

Spring has sprung! But as a homeowner, you’re going to want to make sure nothing else pops up around your property that you weren’t ready for. The winter weather like rain, snow, wind, ice and just cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your home, especially here in Pennsylvania. We’re sharing some tips that you can do now to maintain your home’s integrity and beauty as well as create an enjoyable living space for your family as you tend to migrate outside this time of year.

  1. Look for Bare Spots in Your Lawn

The previously mentioned winter weather doesn’t just potentially cause damage to roofs and gutters but can cause problems in your lawn too. Snow plowing may have caused holes and divots that can become trip hazards as well. Take this time to fill in holes with new dirt and plant grass seed (check the weather, first though). You may be able to use bare spots as inspiration for expanding your flower and veggie gardens, too. If the grass is already gone, why not!?

  1. Check Your Roof and Siding

Pro tip- Use binoculars instead of climbing a ladder! You’ll want to look for curling or loose shingles, damaged or clogged gutters, peeling paint and foundation issues. Once you do quality control, you can determine what you’re able to repair and what you’ll need to call in the experts for. Don’t let this stuff go as they can cause much bigger problems if holes in your roof form or cracks widen and deepen.

  1. Check Your Window Screens

Replace or re-install your screens if you removed them over the winter. If you left them in, you’ll want to look for tears, holes or damage to the frame. Once you open your windows for nice weather, you’ll want to know you have secure fitting screens to stop the bugs and leaves from coming inside.

  1. Smoke Detector Check Time

This is a great time of year to go through and replace all of the batteries in your smoke detectors. If you have ones that are hard wired, test them to be sure all are in working order. And don’t forget about checking your carbon monoxide detectors as well!

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these tips to prepare your home for spring, whether you plan to live there for years to come, or to get ready to list it.  As your Greater Carlisle Area Realtors, we’re happy to help with all of your real estate transactions. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Blog Adapted from: https://www.houselogic.com/by-room/yard-patio/home-maintenance-tips-for-spring/