Spring for Some Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking at buying, selling, or keeping your home for years to come, paying attention to your curb appeal can have many benefits. And Spring, of course, is the perfect time to take care of these tasks.

If you plan to stay put in your home sweet home, sprucing up your curb appeal can reap many rewards; like saving you from big problems later by staying on top of small tasks now.

Spring Homeowner To-Do List:

  1. Check your yard for low spots.
    Whether you do this yourself or call in some landscaping experts, this task will help create a beautiful lawn and keep away pests who may want to dwell in the shelter of your yard. Plus, no more worrying about twisted ankles or wonky tires on your lawn equipment!
  2. Give your Lawn Equipment the once over.
    Sharpen blades, change the oil, check the cords, and charge the batteries. Keeping your equipment fresh and well maintained saves you from having to buy a new mower or weedwhacker in the middle of the summer when you’re in the middle of getting ready for a family picnic.
  3. Check outdoor lighting and sprinklers.
    Make sure your sprinkler system is working in all areas, or maybe even decide to have one installed. And while you’re looking at everything that runs from your home to your flower beds and yard, also look at wired lighting. Your solar lights may need a refresh too, if they were damaged in any way from the winter weather.
  4. Prep your veggie garden and new flower beds.
    It’s time to till the ground for fresh veggies or create new flower beds. As the weather continues to stay above freezing, you can use this time to mark off new areas for growing food, pollinator gardens or lining your property with fragrant color. And cleaning out areas that usually grow weeds can help you keep the bugs away during warm summer nights.

What does curb appeal do for home sellers?

Although it’s difficult to completely quantify the return on your curb appeal investment, you know and we know, that a beautiful, well-maintained lawn gives that “wow’ that buyers remember.

If you’re wanting to sell your house for top dollar in any market, try doing these curb appeal upgrades:

  1. Repair or complete fencing if it exists; maybe add it if it seems necessary.
  2. Check your roof and gutters. Missing shingles or leaky gutters look like dollar signs to a potential buyer.
  3. Gather fallen branches, leaves, and yard waste, and get them out of site and preferably, in the trash.
  4. Check for cracked sidewalks, pavers, stairs, etc. and fix them if possible.
  5. Refresh peeling paint, especially on railings and posts. And sand down those rough spots, too!

Spring is the perfect time to get these tasks done, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell for top dollar or save yourself money in the long run. And buyers beware, unkept lawns and home exteriors may be a sign of what’s going on inside, too!