Give Your Wood Floors the Wow-Factor

If the love you once had for your hardwood floors has lost its luster, it may be time to follow the maintenance routine recommended by the National Wood Flooring Association. With proper care, your wood floors can look beautiful and last many years and even decades!

First and foremost, clean spills immediately after they happen. Use a dry cloth or one that is only slightly damp. You’ll want to avoid using steam mops or wet mops, because over time the water can degrade or warp the wood.

Although it can be a chore, it’s best to sweep or dust your floors daily. It keeps the dirt from settling between the floorboards and will help keep any pet hair at bay as well.

Another great tip is to use furniture pads! This simple step helps to avoid scratches and dings from the legs of your tables, chairs, couches and more.

Weekly vacuuming is also another important step in your hardwood floor maintenance plan. It will snatch up anything you’ve missed on your quick daily sweep of the floors. Pulling up those crumbs and dirt will help keep minor scratches away, too!

Plan to clean your floors with a hardwood floor cleaner monthly. You’ll want to use one formulated specifically for the finish on your floors, so you can talk to your flooring professional to get a good recommendation.

Every 3-5 years you should apply a new coat of wood floor finish. This will help with that dullness that can happen to wood floors, due to daily use and wear and tear.

Hopefully you’ll find this list of hardwood floor maintenance suggestions helpful, and you’ll implement them into your home’s routine. With proper care, you can enjoy your beautiful floor for years to come!

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