Do These 8 Spring House Chores For a Refreshed Home

When spring comes, everyone gets a new pep in their step. You break out some new clothes, change your décor, plan your garden… so get to work on these 8 household chores to get your whole home feeling ready for the change of seasons.

  1. Check those smoke detectors!
    This is the time to test your smoke detectors to make sure they are working. It’s good practice to change the batteries completely, just to be on the safe side as well. And while you’re at it, do the same for your Carbon Monoxide Detector.
  2. Freshen those filters!
    Your heating and air conditioning filters should be changed fairly often, but it’s a chore that gets forgotten. Use this time to change your filters for a breath of fresh air in your home.
  3. Refresh your mudroom or entryway.
    As the spring thaw gives way to warm, sunny days, you’ll probably start to notice mud, scarves and winter shoes have begun to pile up. Clear the cold-weather clutter by tucking away unnecessary garments and give everything a good cleaning. Maybe add an umbrella at-the-ready and replace snow boots with garden shoes. It will make everything feel a bit lighter!
  4. Clean clothes dryer vents.
    You probably pull the gray dust off of the dryer filter with each use, but when is the last time you de-gunked the ducts? Check the outdoor vent to be sure it’s clear of debris and vacuum out the hose. You can even replace the cheap dryer pipe with a more rigid one. House fires are often caused by dryer vent and lint issues, so this is a safety step that shouldn’t be missed.
  5. Inspect for Termites.
    Termites tend to swarm from mid-March to mid-May here in Pennsylvania. That means this is the time they become active, and a termite inspection is very important. Termites cause millions to billions of dollars in property destruction each year, so it’s best to catch them before they chew through too much! It’s a great time to get a spring pest spray as well, which will allow your pest control company to help you prevent pests from getting into your home and causing a nuisance.
  6. Flush your gutters.
    Debris, leaves, pine needles… it all builds up in your gutters. Pair that with melting ice and spring rains and you could have a recipe for disaster if your gutters don’t drain well. Pull out all of the sludge and flush them with a hose to be sure you’re free and clear for the next rainstorm.
  7. Maintenance your mower.
    If you own a lawnmower, this is a great time to get the blades sharpened, the oil changed, and necessary repairs completed. You can sharpen and organize your other gardening tools while you’re at it. Also, inspect outdoor planters for cracks and update any that might not last another season of planting.
  8. Do an outdoor overview.
    Check your home’s siding, sidewalks, driveway, windows, shingles… anything that may have been damaged during the cold season. Look for cracks, tears, rust, missing pieces, anything that might cause more damage in the future. You can use this time to determine what can be repaired by you and what might need a professional to be called in. It’s also the perfect time to get on the schedule with a pressure washing company, who will give your home a fresh, clean look.

Keeping up with seasonal chores can be a lot of work, but it often helps you save money on big repairs and issues in the long run. It also keeps your home in tip-top shape, should you decided to sell your home in the future.