Design Trends for 2022

2022 is feeling a lot like, well, the same old same. People are staying home a lot, we’re not spending as much money on vacations as in years past, and we’re starting to feel like we need a change!

One of the easiest ways to make a change is through some renovations and home makeovers. And they don’t have to be huge projects, either.

Here are some trends we’re seeing for this year that you might want to incorporate into your home updates.

  1. Vintage and Craft Furniture-

Whether this trend is being affected by supply chain issues, the fad of reduce-reuse-recycle or we’re just choosing to buy locally made goods, we’re seeing vintage pieces being used as-is, as well as redone to fit the home’s décor. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware is an easy fix for an old dresser found in your basement (or the local thrift store). Handmade furniture is quite the rage as well: think live edge tabletops made from nearby fallen trees or custom pieces made by a neighbor who has recently started a furniture business. No matter what pieces you decide to incorporate, if it’s made by hand or reused from your childhood home, your new pieces will be on-trend.

  1. Houseplants Galore-

The need to connect with nature is very strong lately. If you work from home, you might just need to pull in some greenery that you used to see while you commuted to the office. Or you’ve gotten on board with a more natural way of living and surrounding yourself with houseplants is part of that. Either way, the desire for flowers, succulents and other plant is growing. So, feel free to create a jungle in your home. You’ll be happy you did!

  1. No Curtains and More Windows-

Let the light in! Although ornate window coverings were the choice for many years, bare is now the way to go. We know sunlight is good for the body and soul and it seems many people are hopping on this trend of bathing their home in natural light. It’s good for all your new houseplants, too!

  1. Pet-friendly Design-

If you love your furry friend as much as most people do, this is a no brainer. Creating spaces for your pet to chill, play, bathe, eat and well, be part of the family is the popular thing to do now. Think about adding a special doggy door that enters into your laundry room where you’ve added a pet bath or shower. If you’re want to do something on a smaller scale, you could add a pet ramp to your bed if you’re a puppy snuggler or just upgrade their dingy pet bed with something more plush and luxurious. Your pets will be wagging their tails in delight!

  1. Eclectic Light Fixtures-

This is the easiest and fastest way to change the look of your room. And lately, the funkier the look, the better. Check Etsy, Flea markets, yard sales, and even your garage to find the perfect statement piece. And you can find DIY Lighting Kits online to make pretty much anything into a luminescent piece of art.

This year is shaping up to be a great year to do some home renovations. You may want to try some of the trends mentioned above or find some others that inspire you. Maybe a round kitchen island or smart kitchen and pantry storage is more your style. You could fancify your laundry room with gold knobs and built-in cabinets. And have we mentioned wallpaper? It’s popping up all over the trendy room re-dos. Regardless of what direction you go, we hope some of these ideas help you bring some happiness into your living space.


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