4 Super Affordable Projects that Will Help Sell Your House

One of the most common questions real estate agents hear is “what do we need to do to get our home ready to sell”? Here are some basic guidelines that cost next to nothing.

  1. Tidy up the Landscaping.

The outside of your home is the first thing buyers see when they pull up to tour your house. If the landscaping is overgrown, the beds are full of weeds and shrubs unmaintained or dead, it gives the impression that the inside of the home will be unkept as well. You don’t even need to plant anything new; just keep the lawn nice, pull dead or dying plants, sweep mulch and leaf debris from your sidewalks and trim any unruly hedges and trees. Plus if you have a pile of yard waste “hidden” somewhere, you should get rid of that, too.

  1. Organize your closets.

Buyers do open closets and cabinets when viewing a home. They want to know how much storage space is available and imagine if their stuff will fit Try to reduce closet contents to 50% capacity and create a neat and tidy space. This may require boxing up things not frequently used or simply throwing away things no longer used.   Hang clothes in the same direction to give the impression that this house is easy to organize. You want to convey that if they live in this home their life will be orderly as well.

  1. Improve the lighting.

Lighting can make or break a space.  All lightbulbs should be working and consistent with either warm white or cool white bulbs that all match. Dimmers can create a soothing environment, while updating an old light fixture can give a room a whole new fresh look. And don’t forget about your lamps; be sure those bulbs are working too!

  1. Clean and declutter.

Wash your windows, make bathrooms shine and clean baseboards. Upon entering a home, the eye is drawn down to flooring and baseboards. Focus on these areas so    months of accumulated dust won’t give a negative first impression to a potential home buyer.

At Wolfe & Company realtors, we have decades of experience selling houses. If you have questions about what might work best to sell your home, please reach out. We’re here when you’re all ready to list your home, too!

Blog adapted from: https://www.realtor.com/living/pro-tips/affordable-projects-to-sell-your-home/