2023 Colors of the Year

The color of the interior of your home says a lot about you. Sometimes it’s a color you just love, a leftover color from the previous owners because you “just don’t have time” and sometimes it reflects the time of life you’re in (pastels for baby’s room or all neutral because you’re trying to sell). But, if you’re looking for something new, the color connoisseurs can offer some inspiration.

Paint companies and Interior Design Experts have named their picks for 2023, and some of them might work in your space!

Sherwin-Williams announced that its choice for Color of the Year is Redend Point. They describe this warm blush-beige as soulful and subtle. It pairs well with other warm, earthy hues. If this is your vibe, it might be the perfect choice for home.

The Pantone Color Institute, who has been predicting color trends for over 20 years, says this year’s color is Viva Magenta 18-1750. They tout that this shade, which is rooted in nature, promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration while being powerful and empowering. Maybe your home office or living room is ready for this bold color!

Not to be outdone, Benjamin Moore has named Raspberry Blush as the Color of the Year. They say this tart hue is a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink and it will enliven the senses and make a statement.

Whether you choose one of these color winners, or find another one you love, we hope you’ll get inspired to paint your walls the perfect color for you!