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If you have followed my blogs over the past several years, you know that I have frequently pointed out the lack of activity from entry level or first time buyers. In essence, I have attributed this to three factors.

First, many of these younger buyers are loaded with student debt. Second, many are under employed or not working in the field for which they trained or studied. Finally, many of them just fail to see the value in home ownership – – having paid attention to the economic downturn and housing crisis the 2008-2012 period.

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The market is hot! I mean HOT! Honestly, it is the most active local real estate market that I have observed in more than ten years.

Still, there are Sellers who have difficulty finding a Buyer for their property. In a market like this, the only reasons for this are self- inflicted. The top reasons that Sellers are unable to sell their home are the following:

1. Over pricing the home.
2. Overlooking repairs.
3. Failing to declutter and depersonalize the home.
4. Expectations which are too high and a patience level which is too low.

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For several years now, the WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTION (i.e. Home Inspection) has become pretty much a standard condition for all Agreements of Sale for residential real estate. In theory, this is a good thing.

The Home Inspection process was designed to inform the Buyer of any legitimate issues with the home that might require repairs, improvements, or even replacement. Although the Seller is obligated to make good faith acknowledgements in the Seller Property Disclosure Statement, there are often deficiencies within the home about which even the homeowner is unaware.

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For many years now, The Greater Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce has been sponsoring an Economic Forecast breakfast each January, which is generously sponsored by M&T Bank. Scott D. Ehrig, a Senior Investment Advisor for M&T Bank, offers a very well researched presentation regarding both national, regional and local economic matters. I attended the Annual breakfast meeting again a few weeks ago, and came away with several observations for the Harrisburg/Carlisle MSA.

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On January 2nd, 1986 I opened a real estate office in Carlisle. I was twenty five years old, less than four years removed from Dickinson College, and had just obtained my Broker’s License a few weeks before.

I borrowed $7,500, rented a small portion of the office building that I now own and fully occupy, and hired my own mother for her “free secretarial services.” We had one salesperson – – just out of Millersville University and with no experience whatsoever.

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Do you think we should take the house off the market? Should we wait until spring to put our house on the market? Do houses sell over the holidays?

These are all questions which I am frequently asked. I am not sure there is a right or wrong answer to any of them, but I have observed some patterns over my many years as a Real Estate Broker.

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients, friends, peers, and family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! As I approach the 30th Anniversary of the founding of our company, I am constantly reminded of the many blessings which have been bestowed upon us over these years.

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By now, you have probably heard about TRID – – the big real estate change which occurred on October 3rd. The “TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure” was designed and implemented by the federal government in yet another over reaching attempt to “protect” consumers. TILA stands for “Truth in Lending Act” and RESPA stands for “Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act”. These two federal lending requirements are to be “Integrated” into a “Disclosure” that provides very firm rules as to the precision and advance notice to which lenders must adhere in providing information to borrowers.

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A recent industry trend is for real estate companies or real estate teams to offer a “free” moving van to customers and clients utilizing their services. Well, I did a little checking into this.

You can rent the biggest U-Haul available for $39.95 a day plus $.78 a mile – – at least the last time I checked. Most residential moves are made within the course of one day.

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When it comes to real estate, “EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT”.  Trust me on this one.

I do a great deal of industry related reading and research.  For the most part, this is to keep me current with trends in the industry and to assure that my company is complying with all the appropriate rules and regulations.  Seldom, however, do I bother to read about what the “experts” think.

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